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Felix The Artist

Memories and Portraits

Memories are so heavily referenced in my  art practice. In filming, I'm obsessed with the idea of documentation. This obsession bleeds over to my drawing and painting work as well. To this day I draw faces over and over. I’ve come to the realization that I draw faces constantly simply to document my progression in drawing. I began taking art classes, and I hated drawing faces because I could never get them to look exactly like the subject I was painting. This led me to only drawing for myself and no one else. I abstained from using any reference so I wouldn't draw things "wrong". Each time I drew a face, I began to notice my pieces look more and more like myself. These drawing improved over time as did my artistic abilities as a whole. I now create drawings as a way to document my time and to facilitate conversation around the idea of self and what it means to be fulfilled.

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