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Murals/Large Scale Installations

Murals/Large Installations: Projects

 This Mural was created for the Full Employment Coucil (F.E.C.)  in Kansas City. It was inspired by the job fields that The F.E.C. trains their members in.


A mural created in 2021 for Kansas City's annual street festival, Troostapalooza. This was a collaboration with the mural group ITRA Icons and the organization Spray Kc.


Mural created in 2021 for Artstech, A youth community center in the downtown Kansas City area. 1522 Holmes KCMO


1 of 11 artist selected to complete a mural in memory of the landmark Brown vs Board of Education case. This mural located in Topeka Kansas directly across from the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site​. 1515 SE Monroe St, Topeka, KS 66612


Hand Painted mural for The Bite, a river market resturant. This piece was inspired by the Roots painting series. 23 E 3rd St KCMO


"Face Paintings" are large scale paintings created to be displayed in the front of the ArtsTech building in downtown Kansas City. 1522 Holmes KCMO

Murals/Large Installations: Projects
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